Secret Illumina at Culture Club Revelin on September 9th, 2017In the darkest hour, when the raven flies through the night and the clock ticks 12 times, the rite will initiate and They will arise. The centuries of hiding and finally They will be revealed. The truth will be the only way out… but the mission is to keep the Secret, the most dangerous Secret, live forever. Far from the common people, but for those rare ones who have that knowledge, represents the most powerful tool to control the ignorant ones. Beware who you trust. Anything is possible. But remember, the Secret always wins. 

Secret: Illumina is playing again in mysterious fortress of Revelin. Show like never seen before. Only the walls know the truth. Do you dare to find it out?

Masks are waiting for you at the entrance. Be part of the show because You are the main actors of the night.

The Secret, Culture Club Revelin, August 19th, 2017


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