Things to do in Dubrovnik… & Around It

‘What to do in Dubrovnik’ very much depends on how many days you have over here. Dubrovnik Old Town is a must, as it holds the key Dubrovnik attractions, but if you get a chance to, look around as well. The difference between the bustling historic center and its serene surroundings is striking, and only contrasting the two will give you a clear idea of the region you’re at.

Read on for our selection of the top Dubrovnik attractions, top things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town, best Dubrovnik tours and top experiences around Dubrovnik. May your visit be a cool one!

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Top 10 Dubrovnik Old Town Attractions

Dubrovnik Old Town, the main charm and the most appealing part of the town, is in fact a true neighborhood where people still live. Along with stunning palaces, glitzy streets and historic walls, expect to see laundry drying out in the open, old ladies knitting on the streets and kids playing soccer on the town’s piazzas. It’s a vibrant whole, filled with beauty, history and everyday life. To feel like you know the highlights, visit these top 10 Dubrovnik attractions:


   ~ Walking around the walls of Dubrovnik couples physical action with inspiring vistas.

If you must choose only one thing to do in Dubrovnik, the answer is simple: walk the City Walls. All right, all right: whilst perhaps the epitome of ‘touristy’, the walls of Dubrovnik are definitely its most unique feature. Encircling the Old Town with 2 kilometers of skillfully-laid local stone, this Dubrovnik attraction lays the town beneath your feet. On a backdrop of terracotta roofs and the shimmering Adriatic Sea, picture-perfect moments line up one after another, extending an otherwise 90-minute walk into hours! For the best of it, walk early in the morning or at sunset!

08:00 – 18:30 (June & July till 19:30)

Dubrovnik Old Town’s main street Stradun

  ~ A ‘djir’ on Stradun is a local custom.

The axes of the community and a connection between its two gates, Pile (western) and Ploče (eastern), Stradun is held venerable by many locals. The steps of centuries polished the surface of its limestone into a marble look-alike, beaming in beauty of its dignified baroque architecture. Taking a stroll down the main street, or a ‘djir’- as locally known, is something that locals do on daily basis. Stradun is the place to see and the place to be seen at! But girls, take note: stay clear of the drainage canals lining Stradun sides, as over here, it’s believed that girls who walk inside them might never marry! Back at home, brag about visiting the filming location of Star Wars: Episode VIII and Robin Hood: the Origins.

Walk of Shame Steps

  ~ The Game of Thrones season 5 hit scene ‘the walk of atonement’ was filmed right here!

When designing these stairs back in the 18th century, the architect Pietro Passalacque probably never dreamed of the global fame they would earn once Cercei walked down them naked and in shame. Even those not addicted to the Game of Thrones mania know about this famous scene and recognize these stairs. Talk about making the best of your 15 minutes of fame! In their everyday life, the stairs actually lead to the wonderful Jesuit complex, where a mass is held in English every Sunday between April and October.


Revelin Fortress

  ~ Dancing the night away in a 16th century fortress never felt better.

Designed in the 16th century to strengthen the walls of Dubrovnik on the eastern side, Revelin always enjoyed lively routines. Canons and bells were forged here. East was the side that trade came from historically, but also the side Turks lurked from, so things were always happening over here. In line with tradition, Revelin fort today hosts the Revelin Club, your chance for a dance within centuries-old walls. In its ground floor, you’ll find the Archeological museum featuring evidence of Dubrovnik’s early history. The upper terrace of the fortress is occasionally used for theater and dance performances, so if you’re curious about its looks, check out the Dubrovnik Summer Festival program.


Rector’s Palace Museum

  ~ Formerly the most important public building in Dubrovnik today houses its history museum.

Among the places to visit in Dubrovnik, Rector’s Palace should definitely take priority. This was the home of the Rector, Dubrovnik Republic’s equivalent of today’s President, but the building also housed the court, the Great Council meeting rooms, notaries, court, as well as the prisons. Definitely the place where history was made, the Rectors Palace is Dubrovnik’s most interesting museum.

PHONE: +385 20 321 422
WORKING HOURS: 09:00 – 18:00

The Franciscan Pharmacy

  ~ 700 years of continuous operation make this place truly worthwhile.

Whether you’re into history or not, visiting the Monastery which nurtured one of the longest running pharmacies in Europe is definitely cool. With 700 years of operation behind it, the pharmacy is a definite Dubrovnik point of interest, especially because of its unique setting in an intricately decorated cloister with 120 columns and over 60 handmade capitals.

WORKING HOURS: 09:00 – 18:00

The Iron Throne

~ Who will sit in the Iron Throne? You, perhaps?

As the Game of Thrones series vividly illustrated, to earn the throne – one has to work for it. Climb some stairs on Boškovićeva Street and midway, you’ll find the Dubrovnik City Shop – the official Game of Thrones merchandise venue. Earn your chance to take a photo in the Throne by purchasing a souvenir. Alternatively, head out to Lokrum Island where another throne replica sits in the former Benedictine Monastery. No cost associated with taking the photo, only with getting to the island.

Onofrio’s Fountain

~ Have a sip from the 15th century fountain.

You’ll spot this fountain as soon as you enter the Dubrovnik Old Town from its western entrance, the Pile Gate. Sitting right across from the Franciscan Monastery, the fountain was the crown of the public waterworks constructed in Dubrovnik back in the 15th century.

Today, it’s hooked up to the public plumbing, so if you’re accustomed to drinking tap water – refill your bottle here!


Onofrio fountain, Dubrovnik

Porporela pier in the Old Town harbor

  ~ A place to kiss, a place to swim.

The Old Town Harbor main pier Porporela is the child of recent history, an architectural addition of the Austro-Hungarian times in Dubrovnik. With a red lighthouse on its end and benches lining the sides, the pier is the place where young lovers of Dubrovnik come for their first kissing sessions. As you glance across the bay, you’ll spot Posat area, where many scenes for Robin Hood: the Origins were filmed. Albeit it might not look like one, but Porporela is a popular local swimming spot, and also doubles as a water-polo court during the Dubrovnik Wild League, an amateur water-polo competition that riles up the local crowds in July and August.

Dubrovnik Sunsets

  ~ An attraction in their own right, sunsets shed a whole new dimension upon the Old Town’s stone facades.

If anything, Dubrovnik is truly romantic, and even more so when bathed in spectacular colors of sun-down.

Find your spot, whether it’s the City Walls, the top of Srđ hill, Banje beach, Buža bars or Lokrum Island, sit back and hypnotize at least one sunset.



Top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town

Discovering the maze of Dubrovnik’s Old Town side streets will definitely be at the top of your Dubrovnik attractions list, so stay tuned to learn how to enjoy a more local experience at this popular neighborhood.

Climb some stairs

  ~ Get your daily workout done and discover what lies beyond the touristy areas.

If there ever is a moment where you are standing in the middle of Dubrovnik Old Town and wondering what to do in Dubrovnik, truth will strike you at one simple glance: do some stairs. Just one look up from Stradun explains why locals are so fit! No excuses in Dubrovnik Old Town: if you really want to see the areas where locals still live, you’ll have to step it up a notch. Away from the hu-ha of the main street and up charming side alleys, you’ll find small galleries, authentic souvenir shops and restaurants, as well as locals existing amid their daily lives.

Dive off cliffs in Dubrovnik’s ‘hole in the wall’ bars

~ Be cool but also smart.

You’ll find the cliff bars to be one of Dubrovnik’s top 10 sites. Perfect for sunset drinks, they also double for beaches, so bring a bathing suit and towel when venturing out to find them. Literally hanging off the southern side of Dubrovnik City Walls, you’ll have to pass through a ‘hole in the wall’ to arrive here. These bars/beaches are rugged, exciting and full of great spots to dive from, and the best way to enjoy them is to start with the beach part and then move onto the bar!

PHONE: +385 98 361 934

Try climbing Maskeron by the Franciscan Monastery

  ~ And yes, you should try to stay up for at least one pic!

Crowds often gather around the puffy stone face installed just one foot above the floor nearby the entrance to the Franciscan Church.

The former rain spout got its new-age life after a boy, trying to attract a girl, climbed it and took his shirt off. Nobody knows if the girl fell for his unorthodox seduction methods, however, many try climbing this stone today and find balancing on its slippery surface a challenge. Psssssst: the easiest way to do it is barefoot.


Have a very long coffee

~ Read the papers, watch people pass by, chat!

You’ll quickly notice that locals have a flair for their coffee. It’s a big deal around here, a social ritual which brings people together for long hours of chatting and hanging out. ‘Oćemo na kavu?’ literally means ‘shall we go for coffee’, but it is actually an invite for some social interaction, so yes – you’re allowed to order a beer!


Lapad bay

Feed the pigeons

   ~ Over and over again.

Pigeons live a blissful life in Dubrovnik Old Town. Along with cats, many will find them to be a Dubrovnik attraction. This is especially the case with their daily feed, happening every day at noon on Gundulić square. A man comes around with bread crumbs, and all the pigeons of Dubrovnik crowd down for a snack. While slightly resembling a scene from Alfred Hickok’s movie, the moment is guaranteed to entertain all generations.


Coral presentation at Clara Stones Jewelry

  ~ The red Adriatic coral protects and attracts!

Tucked away in Nalješkovićeva Street, Clara Stones Jewelry workshop is definitely a worthwhile visit, whether you’re into coral or jewelry. Demonstrating the artistry behind creating coral jewelry, a casual presentation teaches you how the raw coral is turned into attractive pieces, plus answers the questions of harvesting, value and historic uses. The coral masters here know a whole lot, so your chat can go on for anywhere between 5 minutes and half an hour. Shopping might take longer, as there’s a piece available for everybody’s taste and wallet!

PHONE: +385 20 321 140
WORKING HOURS: 09:30 – 19:00

Enjoy a drink sitting on the side-street stairs

  ~ In Dubrovnik, everything happens outside!

The cozy-sized interiors of Dubrovnik Old Town bars move the party out on the side streets.

The entire place buzzes in music and chatter practically all day long, so whether you’re headed for a night cap or for a morning coffee, grab a cushion, sit on some steps and watch life unroll as you enjoy.


Enjoy a drink on Dubrovnik stairs

Eat fresh oysters at Kamenice Bistro

  ~ Get a taste of the region’s famous aphrodisiac!

Look for blue and white striped chairs on Gundulić square. This small bistro, called Kamenice (literally ‘oysters’) delivers value for money, as well as fresh oysters from the bay of Ston, widely recognized as the best oysters in Croatia. Grown in the protected bay of Mali Ston, where they reside happily with their relatives mussels, fresh oysters are one of the region’s main specialties.

PHONE: +385 20 323 682

Shop in the souvenir market on Gundulić square

  ~ Local craftsmanship on display

Happening every day, the market on Gundulić square features both small fruit & veggie producers (until 1pm) and souvenir sellers (until 6pm).

You’ll find stuff made by locals, from orange and lemon peel sweets, to lavender oils & packs, spices, remakes of ancient maps and palm tree figures.


market in Dubrovnik, Gundulic square

Wave at Marin Držić and his polished nose

  ~ Greet the Renaissance writer!

Face-to-face with Marin, the statue installed right next to the distinguished Rector’s Palace, you’ll understand he’s fallen victim to the trend of believing that by rubbing certain parts of a sculpture one may acquire some good fortune.

Polished golden, his nose and lap are clearly a Dubrovnik attraction.

Trust us – it’s fine to just nod at the guy as you pass by, but do acknowledge him, as Marin Držić was actually one of Dubrovnik’s greatest writers and is often lovingly called Dubrovnik’s Shakespeare.


Marin Drzic statue, Dubrovnik




1. Count the stairs to somewhere.
2. Count the cats.
3. Feed the pigeons.
4. Listen to the Bell Clock Tower ringing.
5. Swirl wine.

Top places to visit in Dubrovnik

Step outside the walls of Dubrovnik and discover serenity lingering on hilltops, waiting in secret coves, tearing down the sides of a wine glass. While Dubrovnik Old Town enchants, its surroundings lull you into a true Dalmatian state of mind.

Lokrum Island

  ~ Mystic and serene

Handy and convenient, Lokrum Island sits right across from the Old Town, a swift 15-minute boat ride by public boat from the Old Town harbor. Between March and November, the boats run several times per hour and you can purchase the tickets right in front of the boat. The island feels like another planet to the lively Dubrovnik Old Town, all serene and never crowded. Lush forests make it dreamy, so pack a picnic, some beach gear and lots of good will, and head out to spend a full day on Lokrum Island.


Srđ hill

  ~ Bird’s eye views of Dubrovnik!

An old-fashioned serpentine hike, called the Path of the Cross (Križni put) brings you to the top of Srđ hill for free and in an hour. To reach the top in 4 minutes, take the cable car from its station just above the Old Town. You can also combine the two – hike up and ride down, or the other way around. The views from the top are stunning and on clear days, you can even make out an outline of Italy way out there on the horizon. Take a walk around the plateau on top, perhaps even visit the War Museum set in the Napoleonic fortress. The lovely Panorama restaurant and bar by the cable car upper station serve meals and drinks with the best view of all: the one of Dubrovnik Old Town glistening beneath you.



  ~ The charm of Dubrovnik minus the crowds

This petite settlement combines the charm of Dubrovnik with a serene atmosphere and many cool beaches. Venture over by a boat from the Old Town harbor and take a walk around the Rat peninsula. Shaded in pines, it truly refreshes on hot summer days. To amp up the refreshment, hop in the sea at any of the pristine beaches lining the peninsula. Finish your visit with a coffee on the main waterfront.


Elaphite Islands

  ~ A day away in nature

To spend a day sunbathing, hiking or just day tripping, head out to the Elaphites. Most often, the three inhabited islands of the archipelago, Koločep, Lopud and Šipan, get packed into the “Fish picnic” excursion, offering you a brief time on each island and a lovely boat ride. But if you’re in the mood for some more in-depth leisure, choose one of the three and take the public boat line Jadrolinija from Gruž harbor.


Pelješac peninsula

   ~ Attention all wine lovers!

In Croatia, we like our wine, for lunch, dinner and in between! Many acclaimed bottles in Dubrovnik region originate from the peninsula of Pelješac, also referred to as Dubrovnik’s wine empire. The peninsula starts with the small town of Ston, which sits an hour-long drive away from Dubrovnik. You might recall the name of Ston from a reference to succulent oysters, so, yes… those can be enjoyed over here too! The best way to enjoy Pelješac wineries, such as Miloš, Matuško or Vukas is on a tour, but if you’re visiting because of nature, then head out to Žuljana or Divna beaches. Heaven is their other name.


Adio!used when meeting someone in passing on the street, an equivalent of ‘hello’.
Kenova what’s up, what’s new, typically rhetoric.
Đe si? literally, ‘where are you’, but never used literally. Actually means ‘what’s up’ and in typically used when meeting someone in passing.
Fala! thank you.

Dubrovnik tours

Towns are like people. First impressions are lovely, but it’s only after you learn their true nature that you can truly fall in love. Guided Dubrovnik tours are a way of falling in everlasting love with the place, so choose carefully and keep your heart and mind open to this wonderful town.

Walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town

  ~ Get the story behind this place

A walking tour of the Old Town takes prime among Dubrovnik tours, as it will provide you with the historic, cultural and living context behind the Old Town’s remarkable architecture. You never get something glorious without some glorious thinking, and Dubrovnik is a true model of this philosophy. Inventive, responsive and quirky, the ancestors here knew one thing: liberty is all that matters.


njalking tour Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour

  ~ Does King’s Landing really exist? Yes! It’s the Dubrovnik Old Town.

Six seasons of the world famous Game of Thrones series were filmed over here and the town is today flooded with fans trying to retrace the steps. Don’t wander, get a guide and explore the areas showcased in the series, such as the Walk of Shame steps, the Tower of the Undying, Redkeep and others.


Game of Thrones tour Dubrovnik

Adrenaline-powered buggy safari on Srđ hill

  ~ Thrilling views and dusty rides!

Get down and dirty with a buggy safari, taking you to some of the best panoramic spots on the hill of Srđ. The tours leave hourly from in front of the upper cable car station, and travel along an interesting route on the Srđ plateau. In these open-air, off-terrain vehicles, you are bound to get dusty, but also enjoy your adrenaline shot for the day.


Buggy safari, Dubrovnik

Kayaking tour below the Walls of Dubrovnik

  ~ Put your paddle into the sea and you’re connected with the whole world

Paddle along the City Walls to understand their true might. They are quite spectacular at sunset, as is the rest of kayaking tour itineraries. Typically the tours include Lokrum Island and/or Betina cave, with the order dependent on your starting point.


Kayaking tour Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old Town foodie tour

  ~ Snack your way through history

You can tell a lot about a place and its people by their food, and in Dubrovnik – you’d say they’re enjoying a renaissance. Taste the delicacies: olive oils, oysters, wines, marinated anchovies, prosciutto and others in any of the foodie tours adding a bite to your Dubrovnik Old Town walk.


Food tours in Dubrovnik

Love Dubrovnik Things To Do Guide by Revelin

Love Dubrovnik

So small, yet so many things to do in Dubrovnik!! But while you are exploring, keep in mind that the most important part of its beauty is the pleasure of enjoying its every moment. So take it easy and keep some Dubrovnik attractions for the next time!

Dubrovnik fortress, hidden beach
Love Dubrovnik
Famous Dubrovnik cliffs and fortress