Beach-hopping in Dubrovnik:

Guide to the Best Beaches in Dubrovnik and its region

Dubrovnik Beaches, Travel guide by Revelin

Dubrovnik beaches – what to expect?

1. Beach, eng:  a shore of a body of water covered by sand, gravel, or larger rock fragments, a seashore area.
2. Plaža, cro.: a place to hop in and out of the sea.

You’ll have to part with your dream of sandy beaches when in Dubrovnik, as this place delivers wilderness at every seaside moment. Think rocky, think wild, think pebbles – think divine spots to become one with the sea. Around Dubrovnik, beaches are much more than just places, they are experiences. So when locals tell you about their favorite beaches in Dubrovnik, keep in mind they might just be referring to some smartly positioned rocks or a miniscule pebble cove. But experiencing the sea up close and personal is the highlight of Dubrovnik living, and hence, of every Dubrovnik visit.
With most beaches in Dubrovnik area sporting rocks and pebbles, it might be good news that the new-age beach fashion allows for crazy-colored rubber shoes to be worn without succumbing you to any major outbursts of laughter.

Dubrovnik beaches are alluring

Beach time should be at the backbone of every summer visit to Dubrovnik. Locals love sunbathing, fishing, diving, and going out with their boats, and they make a point of not missing an encounter with the sea whenever possible. This intangible connection lingers in the air and seems to brush off on every visitor. Hence smart travelers plan for ample beach time when designing their Dubrovnik visit itineraries! Yes, keep in mind lunches are served with a glass of wine over here, so whether you’re up for a siesta or for an action-packed afternoon, if you want to do it the local way – do it on the beach.

Average Sea Temperatures in Dubrovnik

Average sea temperatures in Dubrovnik

Beaches in Dubrovnik Old Town

~ rugged refreshment

Believe it or not, but even the Dubrovnik Old Town wonder of stone delivers a couple of attractive dipping spots. The seaside of the historic center is on the south, where the walls are founded on very high rocks, hence the beaches in Dubrovnik Old Town come rugged, wild, and mind-blowingly beautiful on a backdrop of the imposing City Walls.

Beaches in Dubrovnik old town

A stone’s throw from all major attractions inside the walled area, they are an ideal chance to refresh from the crazy summer heats, all while exploring the Old Town. A word to the wise: when headed out for leisurely wanderings, always pack your swim suit – it could come in handy! One thing to know when planning to swim in the Old Town is that all its beaches sit by deep sea, so if you’re a fan of slow-entering, check out the beaches in vicinity of the Old Town, listed in the next section ‘Beaches near the Old Town’.

Porporela Pier

  ~ Dubrovnik beach between the fortress of St. John and Lokrum Island

The highlight of the Old Town harbor, Porporela pier and its red lighthouse are also a popular swimming spot. There’s a regular crowd which gathers here, some on the concrete plateau by the pier and some in the rocky area around the Dubrovnik City Walls corner. Sitting beneath the fortress of St. John, counting the many boats passing by, face to face with the horizon, you are bound to achieve a relaxed state-of-mind, unattainable within the bustling City Walls.

Our two cents: Always come to Porporela with your swim suit on.

Buža Bar and Buža Cold Drinks bars

  ~ A drink and a dip by the walls of Dubrovnik

Hanging off the southern side of the walls, Buža bars are also very popular bathing spots. Cascading from the Walls to the sea, the upper terraces at Bužas stage a bar, while the lower ones double for beaches. The concrete terraces are leveled between rocks, adding an irreversible touch of civilization to the otherwise untamed spots. Adrenaline junkies will get their shot by diving off rocks, but please be smart – do so before hitting the bar!

Our two cents: Swim in the afternoon, then enjoy a sunset drink.

Šulić beach

  ~ a swim under the watchful eye of Lovrijenac Fortress

A sense of awe overwhelms when you first set your eyes on the bay of Šulić. After wandering through Kolorina area on the west side of the Old Town, pass through a small gated entrance to find yourself amazed by the mighty cliffs on one end and impressive Lovrijenac fort hovering over the other. Discovering Šulić feels very much like stumbling onto some secret treasure, a heavenly bay known only to those who wish to step off the beaten path. With a pebbly central area, concrete piers on the sides and a large bar with stone terraces, Šulić attracts and enchants visitors and locals alike.

Our two cents: Come here in the morning while cruiser crowds swamp the town, then head out to explore the UNESCO listed town in the afternoon.


  ~ a lushly green escape just 15 minutes from the Old Town

Reaching Lokrum

Mysterious-looking Lokrum Island sits sprawled in front of the Dubrovnik Old Town harbor, and within an easy reach. Connecting the Old Town and Lokrum Portoč harbor, public boats run on a regular and frequent schedule, bringing you to the island in a short, 15-minute ride. Lokrum visitor’s center is situated in Portoč harbor and provides all the information you might need to make the best of your visit, plus some lovely and unique souvenirs.

Feeling Lokrum

Arriving to Lokrum from Dubrovnik Old Town might feel like reaching an alternate universe, serene, green and nothing like the bustling city core. Crickets chirping, birds singing, peacocks flaunting their tails, peaking at your sandwiches… There’s also a bunch of super-cute bunnies on the island, so if you fall for that kind of stuff, make sure to pack extra snacks!

Beaches on Lokrum island

Exploring Lokrum

Hiking and walking trails crisscross the island and are clearly marked. You’ll spot the first signage as you step inland from the Portoč harbor. The eastern side of the island is rocky, with high spots to dive from, plateaus to suntan and a secluded area allocated as the nudist beach. The lake-like Dead Sea makes for an ideal swimming spot for all who are not fans of the deep blue. The islands’ central part is a large open area shaded in sky-high pine trees. Along with a couple of volley-ball courts, a soccer terrain, outdoor gym and a bunch of trees to hug or lounge under, you’ll also find the lovely La Croma restaurant here. Just next to it, the ruins of the Benedictine Monastery house several exhibitions, including one on the Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik. The highlight is, of course, the Iron Throne replica, and fans can take their photo in it completely free of charge. The west side of the island delves in fantastic panoramas of the Old Town, from its Napoleonic fort Royal on the top of the hill. If you’re not up for hiking the Paradise Trail to the top, enjoy a