Meet Ibiza’s Coolest Resident Selector

DJ Harvey is back at Pikes Hotel this season with the third round of his popular residency, Mercury Rising. He’s also taken on a new role with the hotel-cum-club as the brand’s Cultural Attaché, designing everything from the lighting to the decor to the food menu (tacos, naturally!) during his eight-week stint.

DJ Harvey is an enigma. Sporting a handlebar moustache, cascading gold chains and a wardrobe of silk shirts and mink coats, he looks like he could have rolled straight off the set of Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Just like his attire, his musical selections are both classy and eclectic, with Harvey’s reputation built on his ultra-long, genre-spanning sets spun in sweat-soaked basements around the globe.

But it’s not just partying that’s on the cards for Harvey. He’s also set to drop an all-new, hand-crafted compilation under his Mercury Rising brand that’s release will coincide with the start of his Pikes residency. He’s also due to decamp to various other venues in Ibiza throughout the season, playing everywhere from Hi Ibiza to DC-10 before the party calendar wraps up in October.

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