Italians prepared party “chaos” in the club

On August 6 and 7 2016, Culture Club Revelin was proud to bring again a touch of Italy, DJs Nicola Amoruso and Danny Roma. With the famous house kits of these eminent DJs and producers from the south of Italy, the audience was put in delirium and enjoyed in one of the best parties of the season.

Nicola Amoruso aka Amorhouse the Italian DJ and producer, more than 10 years a resident of the most popular Italian clubs (Divinae Follie, Jubilee, Lampara, Switch Club, Fellini, Noir, Nautilus, Fab). He has performed with world-famous DJs such as David Morales, Little Loue Vegaand many others. His sets range from deep to tech-house, and has performed in many famous clubs in the United States, France and Spain.

DJ and producer Danny Roma began performing at age of 16 and became famous also as a resident in the club “Divinae Follie” and releasing the single “Polka Divina”. The energetic performances that range from Euro dance to progressive house brought him to fame in clubs all over Italy, mostly for his remixes ‘Carnaval de Paris’ and ‘Me Not A Gangsta’.

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