From the land of samba and football comes Alok to raise the heat

One of the most popular DJs in the world in 2016, Alok, came to Culture Club Revelin on August 5. As the kid of the parents who are pioneers in the electronic music scene in Brazil, the career of this talented artist was determined since his young age. Alok followed his parents on tours and festivals which consequently got himself immerse into the musical scene. Alok has been very proactive and was gradually placed into the international scene playing in clubs and festivals around the globe.

The best evidence of how good he is and the reason behind his popularity came in summer 2016 for all the club lovers who found themselves inside the Revelin fort when Alok’s performance resulted in house music symphony. This young DJ seems to be very liked from Dubrovnik’s fans and he showed that love back by making the atmosphere to remember and leaving the public wanting for more.

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