Interview: DJ Mahmut Orhan

Mahmut Orhan might be young, but is already world known as a DJ and producer. His next stop is Dubrovnik, DU-EL Fest on July 18th. Mahmut’s had huge success with his recent releases including ‘Save Me’, achieving 10+ million YouTube plays and his soaring hit ‘Feel’ on Ultra Records with 200+ million YouTube views.

Q: Is it hard to be a young DJ?

A: Of course yes, there are lots of challenges which I confront in my DJ life. However, my energy will never run out so I can handle these challenges.

Q: Is this your dream job? Why?

A: Absolutely, I am living my dream now. Because music is my life and every part of my life I want to live with music.

Q: Your Dubrovnik concert is coming soon, are you getting excited? Do you have any expectations?

A: Yes, I am so excited for this event. I expect to see people that really know how to enjoy themselves.

Q: What have you prepared for the Dubrovnik audience?

A: I researched the people of Dubrovnik’s hit music and tried to prepare special things for them. I hope they like it.

Q: Will you have time to browse around Dubrovnik, what do you think about the city?

A: The city is historical and beautiful and has a beautiful sea and summer places. Especially, the Old Town impressed me

Q: Did your huge success surprise you and how are you dealing with it?

A: I believed in my tracks and we made the right decisions at the right time but, honestly, this huge success surprised me.

Q: What is your next career step?

A: I want to perform at the biggest festivals in the world. And, reach much more people so they can listen to my music.

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