Get tickets for Ultra Europe 2018, Countdown to Ultra Europe, June 16th, Revelin Dubrovnik
Ultra Europe is Bringing DJ Sensation – Vanillaz in CC Revelin

Sure you want to be a part of Ultra Europe festival. We have great news! Your 3 day festival ticket is waiting for you in Casablanca bar and CC Revelin. Maybe YOU might be the one out of 10 lucky ones.

Saturday 16th of June Revelin is preparing a big warm up for Ultra Europe and the stage will belong to 4 DJ sensations. Many surprises and promotions are being expected on Saturday so make sure to buy your tickets and be a part of unforgettable warm up with DJ Jerome, AIZY, Vanillaz and Joe2Shine.

Promo tickets for all upcoming events for the price of 50 HRK are available online until Saturday, 16th of June. Don’t miss out this great opportunity and grab yours.

See you in club Revelin!


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