Latin Prince, Phiberoptic and DJ ROOK in nightclub Revelin, Thursday June 28th 2018, Dubrovnik

Thursday Night is the Time for a Hip Hop Fever in Revelin

Locals have recognized that Thursday nights in Revelin are for great parties with Hip Hop and R’n’B music. This Thursday DJ Latin Prince is going to show us with his set how world famous Hip hop parties look like.

With a long history in the Hip Hop industry, he is famous for his work with well known artist Pitbull. Outside of the studio, he reguraly has world tours, which are known for their atmosphere, he also runs his own promotional company called Urban Jungle Music. This Thursday DJ Latin Prince will be accompanied by a well known Croatian DJ Phat Phillie.

Take this opportunity and rush to the Revelin office because the tickets are still on sale.


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