Summer season Warmup, 18 i 19. May, Revelin Dubrovnik

The summer season arrives, add some more warm up this weekend in Revelin

The season is at the door, summer, sea, beach and fun in one of the top 100 best clubs in the world are ahead of you. Warm up before the opening of the season, because from this Friday the club Revelin is open every day from 23 hours.

WarmUpSummerSeason in collaboration with JohnnieWalker brings great benefits to beverage prices this weekend at Revelin Club. If you are looking for the best place to have fun in Dubrovnik, then Revelin is the best recommendation this summer. Dancers, fire show, and numerous surprises that are ready to make this one of the best summer seasons ever.

You can already now buy cheap online tickets at Revelin’s website and provide your place and save money on time.

Come, have fun, try the best cocktails and spend the best time at Revelin, which runs night life in Dubrovnik.

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