Secret Illumina

Secret Illumina: The truth never perishes

”Veritas nunquam perit.” (Seneca)

The word has been said. The sacrifice has been made. What is dead cannot die… but it can rise. It is deeply hidden within the Secret. Illuminating path will lead the way to the light, to salvation, to the truth. But, hurry up, before the FINAL act begins. Before it is too late, before the time runs out.

Final act of Secret: Illumina is played in mysterious fortress of Revelin. Show like never seen before. Only the walls know the daring truth. Do you have the courage to find it out?

Masks are waiting for you at the entrance. Be part of the show because YOU play the main role of the night.

The Secret, Culture Club Revelin, 2017.


Enjoy in the photo galleries of past Secret ILLUMINA shows held inside party fortress, Culture Club Revelin in Dubrovnik

08/JUL/17 | 19/AUG/17 | 09/SEP/17

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