Revelin Festival is holdin between 7th and 11th of August 2018

Revelin Fest

Finally, the names of all the performers for this year’s biggest electronic festival in Dubrovnik are out. The lineup of Revelin Fest lasts for 5 days, from 7.-11.8. The five-day spectacle will open Mike Candys. This Swiss dance DJ and producer is sure to amaze with his perfect set to start this five-day festival. After him, 8.8. Revelin is taking over a world famous DJ, Afrojack. This DJ is on DJ Mags Top 10 list of best DJs in the world and this will not be his first performance in Dubrovnik as he is well known to the Dubrovnik crowd. On the schedule for the third day of the festival is Miami Rockets. This DJ duo guarantees the best time and a great set to party with their dance remixes of today’s biggest hits. The fourth day of the festival Culture Club Revelin is hosting The Cube Guys who know how to make the dancefloor go wild with their set. Reveling Fest this year is closing DJ Lia Kustánczi, she will bring a little bit of a exotic atmosphere to the Revelin stage and close the festival on a high note. Tickets and any other information you can look up on the official website or in the Revelin office.

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