• Event schedule in Club Revelin from 16th till 22nd of July 2018

Program for this Week

There is no time to rest in Revelin Culture Club so after the football World Cup ends you can be sure where the best parties are every night. On Monday experience the colors of the night and enjoy the show with our bodypainted dancers and lose yourself in all the fluorescent lights. Tuesday night dance to the biggest hits of the season with our another Tunesday. Wednesdays are for the ones who enjoy a good Latin rhythm and know how to have a great time. Get loose and feel the Vibe when the biggest beats and the best Hip-hop hits are blasting through the Revelin fort on Thursday night. The weekend can start on Friday so come to have the best time with another performance in Revelin by Nicola Fasano. Then on Saturday night party with our resident DJ and his amazing set of the biggest summer bangers and close the week on Sunday with our own Sunday Funday.


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