Dubioza Kolektiv – April 30

Dubioza kolektiv is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina formed in 2003. Their distinctive and fresh music is influenced, along by local Balkan flavors, by different genres of the world music: ska, punk, reggae, electronic and hip-hop. They published 8 studio albums with their last album from 2016 “Happy Machine” perhaps the most provocative to date. They received various awards among which the one from MTV Adria in 2011 as Best Adria Act. Their songs addressing moral and economic stagnation, as well as filled with diverse cultural and political expression, presenting hopeless situations, attracted numerous people to become their fans and created phenomenon. The band is well-known for their performances filled with enthusiasm, energy, humor and noticeable outfits, but nevertheless great music. Concert of Dubioza kolektiv is scheduled for April 30, 2017 in Culture Club Revelin.

source: http://dubioza.org

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