Third Party

Third Party are two young producers with a passion for creating emotionally charged house music. The journey started when they hooked up after discovering their mutual interest for producing music at school and then went on to study at a music technical college for a year, funding themselves with part time jobs along the way.

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    They started by cutting their DJ teeth in and around some of the London clubs whist the emphasis remained on continuing to hone their skills in the studio.

    Remixes for various artists followed with the most notable being Kelis’ Brave on Interscope records. Their big break came when they caught the ear of Angello – Steve Angello with their mega track ‘Release’.

    The structure of its distinctive and evocative sound also proved them to be highly technical and full of feeling and was put out for consumption under Size Records, its subsequent success and popularity meant it found its way onto DJ mix albums and Tiesto Club Life 193.

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