Amazing night with excellent RedFoo

Culture Club Revelin is continuing to surprise all dear guest and visitors with incredible summer season line up. Everybody knows that the best summer party is always at Revelin Club. If you still haven’t visited us during your holiday, you do not know what you have been missing. You should definitely do it as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss any more of our special and fun nights.

Last night RedFoo has prepared fabulous night at Culture Club Revelin. He has done it in his own way, the only way he knows. Perfect dance show, many summer inflates and a lot of champagne have been all around and over the stage. Anybody who has seen him play live knows how he is committed, passionate and dedicated in every moment. That’s why we adore him.

It’s really hard to explain that magnificent atmosphere. Check out our social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get all the details about the incredible night. RedFoo definitely has many fans in Dubrovnik and for sure has got a special place in the heart of local people.

Redfoo, July 03, 2019, Culture Club Revelin


Enjoy in the photo gallery from the the show by Redfoo in Culture Club Revelin held on July 03rd, 2019.
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