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Grand Finale: Kosta Radman, DJ Speed, TIme Jack

Saturday, Oct 7, 2017 @ 11:00pm

1€ = 7.5345 kn

Event Description

Summer season closing weekend is here! We are happy to invite you to a two nights which are going to mark the end od summer season in Revelin. Thank you for the music! Revelin team would like to thank everyone who was the part of this spectacular summer season. The celebration will be hosted by pretty hostesses, beautiful dancers with spectacular dance and acrobatic surprise and state of the art light performance.

► LINE UP (Day 2) - 07.10.2017.

Kosta Radman is one of the most promising EDM talents to come out of Croatia. His musical voyage started out in his teenage years, using samplers and synthesizers to express himself through electronic music. Spending years testing out his music through his astonishing DJ sets, in 2009 he finally decides to unleash his music with nothing but success ever since.

Dj Speed showed an interest in music from an early age starting to perform in 2000 in Botafogo club, growing with the sounds of Vocal House and other electronical music.
In 2005 Speed was listed among the top 5 DJs at the International DJ Competition in Mostar. All these projects and the successful work undertaken by Speed launches him onto the stage of one of the Top 100 clubs in the world-Culture Club Revelin, where he is the resident DJ .

Time Jack his reputation gained foreing interest. At his sets he plays commercial house music and electro hits mixed with pop, RnB and house. 

Light Design & Visuals by:
> PhiberOptic

+385 98 533 531 (Viber, WhatsApp)

+385 20 436 010
+385 98 533 531

Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Culture Club Revelin

Sv. Dominika 3

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