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Secret ~ Moet Grand Day

Saturday, Jun 23, 2018 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

The Moet and Chandon Grand Day Party is exclusive event hosted by Moet, the international brand that manufactures a sparkling champagne that we love.

She was alone...She found a mask with an invitation to a castle...He was there... He seduced her and told her a Secret...She promised she wouldn't tell...But she broke her promise...She found herself trapped, surrounded by masked people...She couldn't recognize anyone...But him...She was locked in the dungeons, tied to a bed of nails...She felt that the rite was almost done...She wished she never heard The Secret...But now, it was too late...She let go her last voice and exhaled...It was done...

Do you dare to find out The Secret?

A party hosting a majestic Venetian masquerade, where recognizing your companion will be the mission of your evening. A party that turns into a place where everything is possible...finding The Secret will be almost impossible. You will have to cross the world of the perverse... Are you ready to discover our Secret?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

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