In this section we bring you the latest club promotions, offers and packages which await for you inside the Revelin Culture Club

New Secret - Illumina, Culture Club Revelin, Aug 19th 2017

New Secret – ILLUMINA

New Secret - ILLUMINAShe opened her eyes. All around her was just a darkness. Her hands were tied. She had a knife hidden so she managed to let herself go. She knew it from the start, she ... More

Claptone at Culture Club Revelin Dubrovnik-Aug 18th 2017

CLAPTONE, Mystery Man

CLAPTONE, Mystery Man Delivering some of the most loved songs while restlessly covering every corner of the planet with up to 20 DJ shows every month, Claptone works hard to maintain his position as ... More

Revelin Festival 2017, opening night

Opening night – Revelin Festival

Opening night – Revelin Festival This summer Culture Club Revelin will again be the central place of entertainment in Dubrovnik. Fedde le Grand gets to open yet another big festival in Culture ... More

Weekly Program Overview

Weekly Program Overview When the sun dawns and the stars begin to appear an entire new ambiance is felt throughout the city. Party, party, party! Summer is still here and why shouldn't we spend it ... More

Italian Weekend is Here

Italian Weekend is Here Culutre Club Revelin is proud to bring again a touch of Italy, DJs Nicola Amoruso and Danny Roma. With the famous house kits of these eminent DJs and producers from the ... More

Revelin Festiva, Aug 10, 2017 - Fedde Le Grand

Revelin Festival 2017 Starting with Fedde Le Grand

Revelin Festival 2017 Starting with Fedde Le Grand The opening night of the Revelin Festival 2017 starting with a globally popular Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand. This year Culture Club Revelin has ... More

DANCElectric Residency – SOLARDO

Join us in DANCElectric Residency - SOLARDO House and techno artists Solardo are made up of UK based producers Mark Richards (MRK1) and James Elliot.Having previously had a long and deep ... More

Shoot Me - I'm The Queen - Exclusive TATTOO Edition Culture Club Revelin July 29 2017

 Shoot Me – I’m The Queen – TATTOO

Shoot Me - I'm The Queen - Exclusive TATTOO Edition Tattoo is the second act of the saga Shoot Me. The world of “beauty “ moves into tattoo studio, where the protagonists are the bodies of the ... More

Manuel De La Mare at DanceElectric Residency

Manuel De La Mare at DanceElectric Residency Italian born producer/dj, Manuel De Le Mare has spent the past years delivering money-shot releases and remixes, whilst marrying a lifetime of passion ... More

Tom Staar at Revelin, July 28th 2017

Tom Staar on Stage July 28th 2017

TOM STAAR ON STAGE 28 JULY 2017 Like a flare into the heart of the global dance music stadium, Tom’s recent remix of African Drop grabbed the attention of every A-List DJ on the scene, gaining ... More